Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to the OSU Chamber's Travel Blog!

Visit this site to read updates of our summer travel to Southern Germany, including reports on concerts, reflections by students, and the day to day excitement that is the OSU Chamber Choir On Tour!

The tour begins on June 17, but before we go, we get to sing for our favorite audience: Corvallis. Join us for the President's Concert on Saturday, June 7 at the First United Methodist Church, at 7:30 pm. The concert will feature "How a Little Girl Danced," the premiere of a new work by Grammy nominated composer Tomas Svoboda. It features OSU percussion professor Dr. Robert Brudvig on marimba, as well as soprano Alexis Smith and baritone Nickolai Strommer. The evening will also include a new gospel composition--not even published yet--by nationally recognized Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory.

It's an evening of music that you will not forget.

Admission: $10 adults
Students: free

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