Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Guten tag..... well, technically guten abend!

Joshua Seitz at the keyboard, and the switching of the Z and Y thez have is reallz giving me trouble. (Jeff says, "I hate the Y key!!!!!")

I didn't really read Brice's posts before this, so hopefully I don't give double coverage.

Currently in Frieburg, it's in a gorgeous valley, with a small hill that overlooks the city right next to our hostel, perfect to watch the sunset, or so I'm told by other choir members... I'm excited to see the sunset tomorrow!!!

Today we jumped the border to FRANCE!!!!!!! In our journey to Strassbourg, the rather sad welcome we received yesterday(thunderstorm :( ), was corrected with gorgeous sun-filled weather for the time we spent there. Having been to Europe many times before, this city not only reminded me of the how I remember larger "European" cities in that it is a great combination of older beautiful architecture, and the more modern technological side of today's world, but it also had bajillions of patisseries(bakeries) full of the most wonderful and freaking delicious baked goods ever made. I shared a raspberry tart with Aubrey that could only be described using one word: Scrumtrilescent!

I was dragged along on a rather boring shopping trip with 4 girls, "Big Tuna" Tony Baker and Brian Crawford. However, we had a flipping delicious lunch of salami, cheeses, and bread in a gorgeous park near the train station which looked like a soccer stadium because it was covered by a giant glass structure for protection from, I'm assuming, bird poop.

The ride home was highlighted by a lovely stop off at a winery where we tasted some delicious and extremely moderately priced(comparatively to the U.S.) wine, and they fed us a surprisingly delicious "pizza", made of some extremely thin unleavened bread, bacon, melted cheese and sour cream. I ate too much. :(

We are off to get ready for a night out on the town!!! TSCHÜSS!!!


Jen-nen-nen-nen said...

so fun! yay Josh for posting! :)

SingDownunder said...

"bajillions of patisseries"? How many is that? And how delicious was the tart? We don't have such delicious tarts in New Zealand