Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a few new photos

pictures, top to bottom: beer garden in Heidelberg; Z and Nicola in the palace; view over looking Tübigen; Amanda Andrew and Julie at lake Titisee; Nickoli Scott and Josh on lake Titisee.

video: amanda and julie, bad luck with meat salads

Hey all!

Great to see posts from other students. (Thanks Josh)

I just wanted to load a few new pictures and a short video, just to give you all a little more insight into our world. We had another nice day in Freiburg today. We visited the University and made some very nice contacts there. Tonight we will tour the city further with our OUS guides and then enjoy the Germany vs Turkey football game. Should be pretty wild! Hopefully the humidity calms down a little tomorrow. All you people back home should enjoy a big class of ice for us, because no body serves ice here. Who would ever think that you could miss frozen water so much?

Till next time,

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