Saturday, June 21, 2008

The enchanted city of Tübigen

Hello again all you readers! We have made it to Tübigen. What an absolutley lovely and romantic little city. Instantly we feel right at home here and I do not want to leave!

Yesterday we had a nice little reception with the Mayor of Schorndorf. We exchanged gifts and said ´thankyou´ and ate more bread pretzels. We did not have a lot of free time this day because of the Jubilet Concert in the evening. We drove to Tübigen and rehearsed with Tobias and some of the Camarata Vocalis in their very cool, 800 year old rehearsal room. (Benton still has some catching up to do...) Our Concert was absolutley fantastic! All the big-to-dos were in attendance, including all the presidents from several of the major Universities in Oregon, Ed and Beth Ray of course, and many other important dignateries and chair members of the Baden-Württemberg exchange program. Everyone had very nice things to say about our performance. The choir should be very pleased. I know Ed and Beth were! There was a reception that followed, and man, that food was AWESOME!! We ate our fill and then headed back to the hostel. Some decided to go out and explore the late-night town scene, and others called it a night. In either case, if you were anywhere in the city, you no doubt heard all the honking and screaming and excitement of the latest Soccer victory.

Today has been another very pleasent day. The weather is gorgeous, this town is beautiful, and we got to sleep in!!! Our day did not begin until 10am officially. We went on a walking tour of the city with two of our OUS hosts (both students on exchange from Western Oregon University) and then a quick muesem tour outside the Tübigen Castle. Right now i am sitting in a ´wash and chat´ internet cafe with Jeff and David. Doesnt look like we will get to laudry today because there is quite a line, but at least I got in another blog. At 3:30 today we will meet up with the group again and go for little boat tours on the Neckar River (a name you might be familiar with if you are interested in Wagnarian Music Dramas!!) More pictures and perhaps a video to come later! Keep on checking in!

Bis später! Tschüs!
(until later! Bye!)


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sounds like you all are having a great time!