Thursday, June 19, 2008

Victory in Schorndorf!!!

Sehr Gut!!! What a great day and evening we have had in Schorndorf today! We began our morning with very delicious breakfasts with our host families, who also packed us up with lunches and snacks for the day. Once our host families dropped us off back at our bus, our first stop together as a choir was at the Mercedes Benz Museum. It was a self guided tour which lasted 1-2 hours depending on how fast you moved through the exhibits. There were some very fascinating things to learn, but even I grew weary quickly, and the only thing on my mind was lunch and kaffee!
Half of us had a nice lunch at a Croation restaurant, and the other half went on to see the Ludwigsburg Castle. Eventually we all met up at the castle and had a little tour. I say little, but by that I mean we saw 63 rooms out of over 400, and walked over a mile, just inside the palace walls. It was a bit long, very beatiful, but I think most people were pretty tired by the time we got back to the bus.
It was then time to go to our first concert! We had a very nice crowd, very appreciative, and we sang very well. We will sing our better in our future concerts, but this was a great warmup. After the concert, we again met up with our host families and went out to celebrate the Germany vs Portugal game of football. Never have I seen such an energetic scene! People of all ages filled the streets with German flags, shirts, hats, facepaint, you name it! If you think Superbowl is crazy, THINK AGAIN! These people love their football! We were fortunate enough to see a victory for Germany, and then things really got crazy! Several of us tried our best to blend in by boucing through the chaotic streets, screaming at the top of our lungs (with proper breath support, of course) and singing various German songs that we just made up the words for! It was great fun!
Now we have just returned to our host family's houses for our last night with them. Tomorrow we will meet the mayor of Schorndorf before we depart for Tübigen. We have another concert tomorrow night, so it will be another busy day. Since we are leaving normal houses and we will be in hostels from now on, it is difficult to say if I will be back again tomorrow night for another update, but i will try. Also, i have some photos... hopefully they will uplaod successfully.
Anyway, all for tonight. I am very tired. Gute Nacht all you faithful readers! Und tschüss!!


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